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Well, the new site is finally online, up and running. That it's up, I can guarantee, but about the running part... not yet. And I am afraid it's gonna take a while, so feedback would be appreciated to tell me about all the things I've done wrong.

That means that there will be no more updates in here except for, maybe, the index page, but you will be eventually redirected to the new page. As it looks just the same as this one, probably you won't even notice that you are not in here (wherever "here" means to you right now) anymore.

I've also been having problems with the subtitles, since they look kinda funny, like an endless line instead of the usual aspect. I've checked them and they seem to be working fine anyway, at least they work for me even with that weird look, but I don't wanna take the risk, so I will be uploading .rar files instead of the usual .srt ones. I hope this will be no problem, you only have to open the file or save it into your computer. I can guarantee you are safe to do so. But feel free to contact me if you have any kind of problem and I will be happy to help, if I can. It's rather difficult to guess what will happen with other computers when it's just mine that I am seeing, and when things work for me. So trying to go global in here.

Thanks to everybody.

18th April 2009 - House 520 - Spanish & English

14th April 2009 - House 519 - Spanish & English

12th April 2009 - Ghost whisperer 419 - English

10th April 2009 - House 518 - Spanish & English

9th April 2009 - Lost 512 - Spanish & English

8th April 2009 - House 517 - Spanish & English

8th April 2009 - Heroes 322 - English

7th April 2009 - Heroes 321 - English

6th April 2009 - Grey's Anatomy 519 - English

6th April 2009 - Lost 511 - Spanish & English

21st March 2009 - Grey's Anatomy 518 - English

15th March 2009 - Ghost whisperer 418 - English

1st March 2009 - House 515 - Spanish & English

Major Dictionary update: 1st February 2009

Version 3.0, sorry if some things are not working yet.

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